Social Media Consulting

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Set up Social Media appropriate to your site and business.

In today’s world, a website does not stand alone. Links from Social Media are critical to growing traffic. However, not all social media applies to all business types. For example, a dating site would probably find very little benefit in posting to LinkedIn.

Once we determine which Social Media sites would be best, we will configure each site to your needs.

Automate Social Media Postings.

Posting to Social Media requires a fair amount of effort. However the rewards can be significant. One viral tweet could bring in as much business as you can handle. There are tools available that can help by automating a portion of the process of posting to Social Media.

There is some ‘low hanging fruit’ that business owners often miss such as claiming your business in Google and Facebook. Sites such as Google and Facebook create placeholder entries for businesses. They scrape information from a variety of sources to establish these listings. There is a means to allow the rightful business owner to ‘claim their listing’. To not do so is to leave money on the table.

Be wary of ads claiming that they will ‘drive thousands of visitors to your site’. In almost all cases they are using shady techniques that can get you banned from the search indexes. I can explain that in more detail.